About me

Modern Art Design


I am Magdalena Dalek, welcome to my website!


Every day you pass hundreds or maybe thousands of objects that are old, broken and forgotten.

To give them new purpose, new shape, or a new life gives me satisfaction and relaxation.


I like to give things a place and it doesn’t always need a frame and that is why these old, broken and forgotten pieces are my inspiration. Let it be flowers, paper, wood, sand, stones,… Big parts, small parts, yellow parts, black parts.

To create and put together materials and colours, that would normally never have met is more fun than it sounds. There are no answers or manual on how to do this, that is part of the fun.


Trying to give direction as a tree growing towards the sun, mixed with my ideas somewhere in the clouds…

Creativity is being free to do whatever comes to your mind!


To create is more than just a hobby, it is a passion!

Thank you & enjoy!


With kind regards



P.S. If you are interested, please contact me on e-mail or facebook.



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