Modern Art Design

As a real estate developer I’ve got taste but no time! That’s why I called in the help of Magda to decorate a newly built apartment in the Antwerp Docklands, which I plan to rent furnished to expats.

Considering it’s a rental apartment of course the budget isn’t limitless, but Magda presented a well balanced and tasty pallet of furniture and deco stuff, bit Scandi-style, for us to choose from.

As a cherry on the cake, my friend added two abstract artworks of her own, combining interior colors of the hardwood floor, coffee table, sofa,… and even the accent color defining the building’s identity.

That’s what I call “personalized”. “Made for me”

Love it! Like to have TASTE but no TIME ;-)

Angelo Van Olmen (Zaakvoerder VIARES bvba & VIARED bvba, Belgium)

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